Ginseng Benefits Decoded

Feb 11

Ginseng Benefits Decoded

Think about Chinese herbs and remedies, and the first one that probably comes up to your mind is ginseng. The ancient Chinese, and other cultures around the world have been using this very herb as a natural remedy for a wide range of illnesses and health conditions, and people have experienced enormous benefits of doing so.

While there do exist many different types of ginseng, most of them work in the same way, and have positive health benefits. The root of this herb holds the best therapeutic properties, and is thought to prevent certain health conditions too, without any side effects whatsoever. Here we’ve listed down the best health benefits ginseng, and its various types offers. Read on…

Ginseng Benefits

While there do exist different kinds of ginseng, there are certain health benefits that are common to all these types. Here we’ve listed down the ginseng benefits common to all-

  • Ginseng extracts may help speed up recovery of individuals suffering from certain illnesses. They also improve physical and mental performance, improves stamina, and gives you an energy boost.
  • Another great one of ginseng benefits is that it may help lower down stress levels, and help you tackle day-to-day situations better and in a more positive frame of mind. Some research suggests it may also tackle fatigue and weakness.
  • The extraordinary adaptogenic properties of ginseng may be helpful in lowering blood cholesterol levels and stimulate cardiovascular health.
  • Another amazing noteworthy plus among the different ginseng benefits is its superb anti-ageing property, which makes it even more popular.

Siberian Ginseng Benefits

Siberian ginseng is known for its effective adaptogenic properties, which make it among one of the best herbs. You may often come across Siberian ginseng being used in dietary supplements and skincare and beauty products too. Here we’ve listed down some of the best Siberian ginseng benefits you must know about.

  • When given in the early stages of cold, Siberian ginseng reduces the severity of symptoms associated with it, and brings about relief.
  • Taking Siberian ginseng in the powdered form may help lower blood cholesterol levels, reduce oxidative stress and thereby prevent major cardiovascular conditions.
  • Another commendable Siberian ginseng benefits is its ability to ease arthritis pain when ingested. Patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis also observed better physical functioning after taking this herb.
  • Though there are not enough studies to confirm these facts, natural medicine experts believe that Siberian ginseng benefits extend far more than just this, and its extracts may help lower high blood pressure levels, curb insomnia, reduce pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia and also prevent seasonal flu.
  • Some other research also proves the efficiency of Siberian ginseng in preventing chronic fatigue syndrome, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, kidney disease and even bronchitis.

Korean Ginseng Benefits

Korean ginseng, just like other types of ginseng, has its own valuable benefits. Here we’ve listed down some of the most prominent Korean Ginseng benefits.

  • Korean ginseng extracts may be helpful in managing diabetes and controlling blood sugar.
  • Those suffering from erectile dysfunction, too, can benefit by taking Korean ginseng root powder as a natural remedy.
  • One of the best Korean ginseng benefits is its effectiveness in improving cognitive performance and relieving mental fatigue and tiredness.
  • Some studies have also found Korean ginseng extracts to be effective against inflammation, depression, fibromyalgia, stress, cancer, anxiety, hangover, headache, chronic fatigue syndrome and more.

Ginseng Side Effects



When taken in the recommended dosage, ginseng, just like other herbs, has absolutely no side effects associated with its use. There may be, however, certain mild reactions after the use of ginseng, some of which are listed below-

  • Headache
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Decreased blood sugar levels
  • Insomnia spells (when taken at night)
  • Allergic reactions (only to people who are allergic to this herb)
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting (very rare)
  • Restlessness
  • Nosebleed

Siberian Ginseng Side Effects

Siberian ginseng, owing to its widespread use, is often adulterated and sold, which may then lead to development of side effects, giving the herb a bad reputation. Siberian ginseng side effects are not many to note, however, you may need to exercise caution before the use of this herb, if you fall under any of these categories, as it may cause drug interactions or other possible complications. Avoid taking Siberian ginseng if you are-

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Suffer from insomnia
  • Suffer from a mental condition such as schizophrenia or mania
  • Suffer from a hormone-sensitive condition such as uterine cancer, breast cancer, fibroids etc.
  • Suffer from hypoglycemia
  • Suffer from high blood pressure
  • A heart disease patient
  • Suffer from diabetes.

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