Chinese Medicine and Herbs Understood

Feb 05

Chinese Medicine and Herbs Understood

Conventional medicine, which involve the use of chemically prepared drugs, are often criticized for the side effects associated with their long term use, and now, many people are turning to choosing natural remedies for their health problems. Among the many natural treatment options, Chinese medicine remains a popular one. Here we’ll understand more about this unique healing approach, and how it works in curing different common conditions such as acne, infertility, obesity, eczema and more.

Understanding Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine basically involves a group of different natural approaches that may be used individually or in conjugation with other therapies to treat an individual. Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture and reflexology are among the most common forms of practices included under Chinese medicine, and are probably the most popular too.

Chinese medicine works under the principle that an imbalance of qi (the vital life force energy flowing through the body, that keeps the body and its organs functioning properly) is what leads to development of disease. Most Chinese medicine practices work to stimulate the proper flow of qi and remove energy blockages, if any.

Chinese Medicine Acne

Acne is a pressing skin condition, especially among teenagers and young adults. Surprisingly, it is pretty easy to deal with- you don’t need to pile up expensive creams and beauty products to prevent acne- Chinese medicine can do it all!

Acupuncture may work wonderfully in preventing and treating acne- it restores the normal flow of qi through the body and aids normal detoxification, which further prevents formation of acne due to presence of toxins in the body.

Some herbs may also act as a wonderful Chinese medicine acne treatment- here we’ve listed them down.

  • Bai Ji
  • Bai Fu Zi
  • Bai Lian
  • Bai Zhu
  • Bai Guo

You can use the extracts of any of these Chinese herbs to apply to your face- they prevent bacterial and fungal infections on the skin, lessen inflammation and scars and also stimulate good health of the skin. Before you use any of these herbs, make sure you are not allergic to them.

Chinese Medicine Weight loss

Weight loss is a top priority for most of us, and that’s not a surprise since obesity has now reached epidemic proportions in almost every country of the world. If you’ve tried exercising hard and staying away from your favorite, oily foods and still don’t see a difference in your weight, try Chinese medicine weight loss. Using different approaches to speed up metabolism, you can manage your weight better and even shed a few pounds.

You can try these three simple Chinese herbs that may help you lose weight more efficiently and effortlessly.

Ginseng: Ginseng is a popular Chinese herb and is thought to be one of the Chinese medicine weight loss treatments. It boosts the process of digestion, fights anxiety and stress, and makes you more active and likely to work out.

Green Tea and Ginger

Green Tea and Ginger

Ginger: Ginger is another Chinese herb which is known to possess excellent anti-inflammatory properties that lower cholesterol, speed up metabolism and helps you digest food better and faster. It also detoxifies the body and helps you get rid of that extra fat you may have piled up.

Green tea: Green tea is well known for its antioxidant content, and also for its efficiency in preventing cancer and other free radical damage. Extracts of this Chinese herb are thought to help burn fat and provide you energy, which makes you active and less likely to fall prey to unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle habits.

Chinese Medicine Eczema

Eczema is yet another skin problem that concerns many individuals- thankfully, you can deal with it very easily using Chinese medicine eczema. An imbalance in the energies of the kidney is believed to be the root cause of eczema, and is sought to balance using acupuncture and acupressure (stimulating certain points on the body linked to the kidneys, thereby causing them to open up and cause flow of healing energies into the kidney). In Chinese medicine eczema, Chinese herbs may sometimes also be used to the kidney and the spleen to prevent eczema and lessen the symptoms associated with it, including itching, redness of skin and patchiness.

Chinese Herbs for Infertility

Herbal medicine is among the most popular therapies under Chinese medicine, thanks to the ease of their use and simplicity. If you’re looking for some good Chinese herbs for infertility problems, look no further. Here we’ve listed down some great Chinese herbs you can try.

Shepherd’s Purse: This Chinese herb is known for its efficiency in normalizing heavy menstrual flow and treating bleeding fibroids, which may be linked to infertility. The use of this herb is also thought to prevent uterine hemorrhage.

Lady’s Mantle: Lady’s mantle, a popular Chinese herb, usually used to treat almost all female reproductive system-related disorders, may also be helpful in promoting fertility by strengthening the walls of the uterus and cervix, and preventing certain harmful complications that may come in the way of fertilization.

Yarrow: Yarrow has been in use for several female-related disorders since centuries, and the extracts of this herb are thought to calm down abnormal menstrual cramps, improve blood supply to the uterus, and also promote fertility.

Evening Primrose Oil: Evening Primrose oil is among the best Chinese herbs for infertility- it is known to create a favorable environment for the fertilization of the egg, thereby improving fertility.

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