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What hijab means in Islam

If you are like me, then you would have no idea of what hijab means in Islam. Yes we all know that there is that dreaded headscarf that oppresses women and has been banned in several European countries. However I hardly believe that most of us have got any idea of the background of Hijab and its context as well as history.

Hidden Pearls

What is Hijab

Hidden Pearls have shared a brilliant article on ‘what is hijab’ on their website. It has been going viral in the social media at the moment. I was bit sceptical before reading but I have to say it gave me a lot of information on Hijab. One thing, it has got nothing to do with oppression or male dominance. For Muslims, it is a religious ruling to wear loose clothes and cover themselves up properly. There is also a hijab for men, something I had no idea of. The article is brilliantly written. It shows how hijab started, the religious rulings on it. The most interesting part was to find out that hijab is not 1 dimensional thing, in fact looking it at how its meaning changes from country to country is beautiful! For example what would be considered hijab in Saudi Arabia would be considered optional in turkey. The writer also explains different types of hijiabs like niqab, abayas, headscarf, chadar, chador and dupattas.

Hijab Shop

Hijab Shop

If you are interested in buying Hijab online UK then hidden pearls website is quite interesting too. They are online sellers of Hijabs in UK. Their website is very well designed. I glanced through few of their products and really liked them despite not being a Muslim! The Islamic Hijabs were really colourful and had different embroidery on them. They also stock a large number of Hijab pins, hijab brooches and lot of other Hijab accessories. In short, their Hijab Shop is definitely worth visiting!

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